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The highest quality NBT AQL course material in English and Afrikaans

Geronimo Distribution is proud to be the official distributor of a highly specialised book used in workshops of academic and quantitative literacy. As a business partner of Languages Courses and Tests (LCaT), we publish workbooks of academic literacy tests in both English and Afrikaans. The workbook contains practice tests and answers to prepare Grade 12 pupils preparing for university entry.

The author of the workbook is Prof. Albert Weideman, a renowned expert on tests of academic and quantitative literacy. Albert has years of experience in the field. As a past director of the Unit for Academic Literacy at the University of Pretoria, he develops tests used by several universities, national and international. Says Albert:

My tests are imaginatively designed and theoretically justifiable. They include a greater variety of task types than are required by some testing agencies. These tests will develop your skills and give you an edge. They are reliable and good predictors of academic success. In short: they work.  Doing the practice tests will give you a competitive advantage in any setting, not only when writing the National Benchmark Tests in South Africa, but also when sitting for international tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. 


The most affordable NBT AQL course material on the market

The highest quality at the most affordable price:  R285 for a workbook including courier delivery; R550 for an intensive workshop of 3 hours which includes the book.

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We deliver the book to your door. And ordering is hassle free. So do yourself a favour: Order the book today to give yourself enough time to prepare. Visit our Order page. 

Attending a workshop is a phone call away. Contact Albert Weideman at 0827733787. 

Still unsure? Read more about the author, the workbook, or the LCaT Academic Literacy Workshop.