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As a business partner of  Languages Courses and Tests (LCaT), we are also the official publisher and distributor of an English and Afrikaans book on academic and quantitative literacy tests (with answers) that are used by Grade 12 pupils preparing for university entry, and who have to write tests such as the National Benchmark Tests.

19 Jan 2019 update — We have now added a friendlier payment option, PayFast, South Africa’s secure online payment gateway. And further good news is that we have also substantially reduced our book price and shipping costs. Our unique and specialised product is now more affordable than ever.

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First semester discount for AQL workbook: “Academic literacy: Five new tests”

Writing a test of academic and quantitative literacy is hard work. These tests, required by most universities for prospective university students, force the candidate to concentrate and engage. It is neither a song, nor a dance. It sucks you in, even if you have exceptional language ability in an academic context. Likewise, practising for such a test is equally difficult. Completing a full test with its subcomponents from our workbook typically takes takes an hour and a half of uninterrupted concentration. And there are five such tests! Which Grade 12 learner has such time? Well, when so much is at stake, one simply has to set aside the time.

Bottom line: Academic literacy is not a rush job.

For this reason Professor Albert Weideman, author of the books, Academic literacy: Five new tests and Akademiese geletterdheid: Vyf nuwe toetse, has asked Geronimo to offer an ‘early bird’ first semester discount. The message is clear: do not rush it,  waiting until you know that you have to write such a test soon. Get the book early to enable you to pace yourself and work through the tests — with deliberation and thoroughness, giving you time to reflect and work on your  weak points. Practice makes perfect!

Discount and order details are available here: https://geronimotech.co.za/order/

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